The  Ravenscroft  Family in  Southern  Africa From 1824

In this genealogy I have used dates and information given in official documents in preference to verbal or personally written information. A grieving person in their 70’s filling in a death certificate about a spouse who died the day before, is more prone to getting confused with dates of birth, marriage and even their children’s names etc. I also found that people get told ‘facts’ by very old Aunts and Uncles and half a century later these facts have by then got ‘bent out of shape’ and are presented as facts.

The most important information missing from this genecology is the date of death of the original settler George and of his wife, Mary Anne (Weller). Also I have been unable to find any nformation about the eldest son, also named George, apart from his date and place of birth. Did this George marry and have children or did he die young and single? Maybe he returned to England? There is an unconnected Magdalena Elizabeth who according to her burial notice, died on 1 Jan 1925 aged 74 making her date of birth 1849 whom I cannot fit into the genealogy and who could be his daughter. I also have very little information about the second brother William and his family.

Other issues are the various names of people that can’t be linked to the Tree (Find under Family Tree, subgroup, Various Names) including a father and mother with three children whom I can’t attach to any branch.


So I appeal to any person reading this who has any information connected to the Ravenscroft family to please contact me - any small bit of information that I could possibly link to other information that I already have could possibly connect a branch to the family tree.


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