The  Ravenscroft  Family in  Southern  Africa From 1824


28/09/11 - Found details of the marriage of William Ravenscroft after 40 year search.

09/10/11 - Connected the Charles Bruce Ravenscroft Branch. Thank you CAS VORSTER.

16/10/11 - Thank you ANDREW RAVENSCROFT living in OZ, thanks for the corrections in the fine                 details of the descendants of Charles Bruce.

05/11/11 - A page about TD (Thomas Daniel) Ravenscroft was added to the web page.

11/11/11 - Other branch's of the family - Rev SH Ravenscroft etc.

13/12/12 - Added names of William Ravenscroft two sons.

21/12/13 - Discovery of John Ravenscroft an unknown son of George(1804) and Anne Ravenscroft.

03/03/13 - Discovery of George and Maria unknown son and daughter of George (1804) & Anne                 Ravenscroft. Thank you - KAREN BURNELL

03/04/13 - Finished listing pictures of gravestones which are a source of information for the                 genealogy. I have nearly 50 pictures.

06/04/14 - Updated SA Notes and Un-Attached names list also the story of the missing Elizabeth                 Ravenscroft

13/03/15 - Uploaded newly designed Web Page for the site. Thank you WSBR

11/08/15 - Update on Duffy Ravenscroft and his family - Thanks you to his daughter CHARLENE                       PAINTON Nee RAVENSCROFT.


14/08/15 - Thank you - ERIKA VOGES-RAVENSCROFT - Update on her husbands family - Dr Tommy                    Ravenscroft his parents and his children.

29/11/16 - Thanks to MIKE RAVENSCROFT and to MARYLYNN FOUCHE in New Zealand for the  

                 updates on your family.

22/02/17 - Thanks to TERRY RAVENSCROFT and MIKE RAVENSCROFT for TD pictures and information                   and to FELICITY JERVIS  for article on TD.  

15/04/17 - I added a search engine to this site to assist finding people and places.      

15/09/17 - Found new daughter of George Ravenscroft, a twin sister for Mary-Ann established that                   both were born on Saint Helena - Thank you - KAREN BURNELL


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